Make houses that can be relieved on crime prevention

Make houses that can be relieved on crime prevention

House as second house

In the bubble economy there were times when there was too much money, so everything was luxuriously oriented and gorgeous living was popular in the house. In those days there were some people who assist you or have a cottage, some people built and built a villa in a place called a summer resort. Since the collapse of the bubble, few people buy homes, more people borrowed residence on rental properties.

Since the era when the economy is stabilizing, there are an increasing number of people who have a second house, and like a bubble era, it is supposed to build a second house in a summer resort . A house called a second house is often used as a healing during a weekend break and people working in urban areas will live in the second house to do whatever you like on weekends. Because it is a place where the surroundings are only nature, I use it for cycling in the forest, walking around and spending my favorite sports and drinking with friends and colleagues.

In the second house we are planning to make living in accordance with each hope, and you can see that the appearance and interior of the second house is full of playfulness. If you reach the retirement age, you can also make the second house a retirement first house.

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