Make houses that can be relieved on crime prevention

Make houses that can be relieved on crime prevention

Security counterpart

The security measures are very high for popular apartments now and we use the latest security for rental apartments and condominiums to sell. For example, many apartments have security guards of security companies resident, so they are patrolling at the entrance and inside and outside the apartment. The apartment at the entrance of the auto lock type is completely mainstream, and the door of the entrance of each room also has a monitor phone and the key of the door is a card.

There are apartments that use fingerprints and keys for face authentication as well as card keys, so that only the tenants can enter the room. There are many emergency buttons etc inside the condominium in the perfect apartment of security measures, so it is safe to contact the security company by pressing the emergency button when something happens. Even in the house of a detached house, there is no cooperation with a security company like an apartment, but security measures are done on doors and windows.

I will take security measures on self-management in a detached house, but home security is also becoming mainstream, so it is safe to be able to easily collaborate with a security company.

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