Make houses that can be relieved on crime prevention

Make houses that can be relieved on crime prevention

If you are a stuck commitment designer

The designer condos was a house that became a boom in the age of bubble, and the residence of the designers at the time was a house with particular attention to appearance. If it looks strange and stylish, it became a designer's apartment, not a person living there, not a designer but a designer was fancy and it was an apartment designed only to be unusual. In such a house it got tired of getting gradually faded away, but recently the designers' residence has become popular.

The appearance of the designers' living as well as the current design is fashionable, but it has become a house that sticks to the contents as well. Recently we have rebuilt buildings and factories that are no longer used as designer apartments and it seems that they are fashionable by leaving behind the buildings and factories' remnants. The appearance and interior are also older buildings and factories, making it a nostalgic atmosphere with retro, and the current young people are flooded with people who want to live because they are very fresh.

The designer's residence is decorated most of the people who live there, and for those who like animals it is made to make life easier for pets and catwalk There are also on the wall.

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