Make houses that can be relieved on crime prevention

Make houses that can be relieved on crime prevention

House with large terrace and garden

Many people have found that it is necessary to go to the old place for living, and recent condos and detached houses have broad terraces and garden conditions. In the old residence there was a large garden in the house of the detached house, and there were many forms that there is a rim side to go out from the house to the garden. Although there are not terraces to the edge even now, there is a terrace instead of the rim, when the large garden or garden can not be secured there is a rooftop.

In homes with a large terrace, children can run around and let the pet leave and let them play. There are also many middle-aged and elderly people who want to have a garden because plants and vegetables can be raised in the garden of their home in many cases because they enjoy home gardening and gardening in large gardens. If you have a garden, terrace and rooftop, you can also have a home party or have a barbecue and gather together.

This era is various like people who keep pets for each person, family gardens, hobbyist, girls like hobbies, people who like to call friends and colleagues to play home parties. It is a common point that there are common things to live in different houses, and it is a residence where you can satisfy your favorite things.

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